Blog Introduction – Our Aim & Background

Google uses highly sophisticated text-matching techniques to evaluate, match and prioritize organic results on the basis of their relevance, quality and importance, with reference to the search query entered by the user. As a hardcore SEO Agency that provides genuine & long lasting SEO results, our aim behind creating this blog was to share our knowledge about “under the cover techniques” that popular search engines such as Google uses to rank websites, so that website owners and SEO enthusiasts can make the best use of our knowledge and also share it with others.

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SEO activities outsourced by Local SEO companies

SEO companies from different countries often outsource their Local SEO work, either because it’s more cost effective or due to lack of in-house resources who can do the job well.

As a hardcore SEO company, we provide White Label SEO services for companies who want to outsource their SEO work.

While we prefer providing Local SEO services in the form of complete SEO packages, there are few independent Local SEO activities that can be outsourced individually.

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Keywords – The “Low Hanging Fruit” and how to find them (10 Awesome Keyword Research Tools)

ROI (Return on Investments) is a very important success parameter for any form of marketing, especially so in Search Engine Marketing.

It’s easy to find the high competitive keywords that will get you the highest traffic. Anyone selling a product would most probably already know these direct keywords which people often use to search for that product online. But mostly all these obvious keywords will be highly competitive and thus have a low ROI.

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