Our Clients

Confused with so many SEO companies offering same services in different packages. We know how you feel. Having worked for several SEO companies we have the experience which not many SEO experts can guarantee. Here is just a preview of how the organic traffic of some of our clients grew and why they trust us as their preferred SEO service provider.

Client 1 (on USD 499 Gold SEO Plan)

The organic growth of this client’s website is nothing less than phenomenal. With literally no search engine presence at the beginning of campaign, getting this client to rank high and earn decent organic traffic required a very good SEO strategy. As a result their:

Organic traffic after 6 months: Improved by 759%

Client 2 (USD 249 Silver SEO Plan)

The client belongs to the “Translation Services” industry. Their target location is United Kingdom, which is regarded as a highly competitive geographical market for this industry.

Organic traffic after 6 months: Improved by 226%

Client 3 (USD 249 Silver SEO Plan)

This client belongs to the Certificate & Document Attestation industry. They are a renowned name in this industry and provide expert Apostille and attestation services for many countries around the globe. The client gave their SEO project to us in May 2016. They complained about low organic traffic and no search engine presence for important keywords. It took us some time to get hold of everything, but thereafter:

Organic traffic after 20 months: Improved by 959%