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At SEO Web Up our core strength is our experienced team of SEO Experts working under the supervision of an honest & hard working top management. While Sheetal, an MBA in Retail & Marketing is responsible for client acquisition, Punye is responsible for project delivery and client management. At SEO Web Up, all our team members have a minimum SEO experience of 15 years.

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Punye Aggarwal


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SEO Web Up is a specialist SEO marketing company. We use cutting-edge SEO techniques & make sure that our clients recieve the highest standard of SEO services. As leaders of SEO we have always focused on providing the best SEO services and thus taking those extra steps to go beyond client expectations. Our team members have a minimum SEO experience of 15 years.

We are a one-stop SEO company. From target page creation to blogging and fixing on-page/on-site issues, to content promotion via social media and quality link building, we do it all under one roof. All these activities are part of each and every SEO Package we offer. In short, our SEO packages include whatever it takes to achieve excellent SEO results.

When people search online, they rarely go past the first page of top 10 results. And if you are not ranking in top 10 on Google, your competitors are already making the best use of that opportunity. As a highly recommended SEO company, we create custom SEO strategies which are executed by the best team of web content writers, backlink experts, search engine optimizers & social media experts.

Our passion is to watch our clients' website enjoy a dominating search engine presence by ranking in top 10 results for important keywords. We make sure that their organic traffic increases significantly and their website becomes a source of high quality organic conversions. Our SEO Packages are reasonably priced and start from USD 150 per month.

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We have the best team of SEO experts on-board

We are a leading SEO firm. Our SEO team consists of the best content researchers, content writers, graphic designers, on-page SEO experts, outreach experts, back-link specialists, social media experts and an excellent account management team. Our SEO experts will build strategic SEO solutions for your website. The Content Writing team works in close association with the Content Research & Content Marketing team to create original, high quality content which attracts good backlinks naturally. In addition the best SEO professionals perform on-page optimization for the target pages and the fresh content we keep adding every month. The Back-link Specialists & Outreach Experts will create top notch links that helps in building your website's authority. And our Account Management team will constantly remain in touch with you, keep you updated about the work progress and send all the fortnightly & monthly reports. All these activities are performed under the scrutiny of a highly passionate top-level management.

We provide Next Generation of SEO services

Google is without doubt one of the best search engines available today and a leader in the search engine market. Thanks to their engineers who keep making significant improvements & variations. Google is also very capable of handling bad/spammy SEO techniques and regularly takes appropriate steps to fix any loopholes in its algorithms.

We design SEO strategies for our clients through a systematic approach and with a bird's-eye view. One of our primary aims is to augment the process of natural link building by creating high-class content and promoting it through a vast array of quality online networks. We have done extensive research on Search Engine patents assigned to Google. We specifically aim at increasing your website's impact on search engine algorithms, all done in a manner which is Google friendly and not anti-Google.

Our strategies target core Google Algorithms related to Link & Content analysis, Data Filtering, LSI, PageRank, Content grouping & clustering, Location targeting, Topic or Category analysis, Keyword Location, Keyword Prominence & Occurrence, Penguin, Panda, RankBrain and HummingBird, and other important algorithms related to Indexing, Relevance, Information retrieval, AI, Ranking & Scoring of a webpage or website.

There are many SEO companies that use excessive link building as a SEO strategy. This is very bad for the future of your website. It severely harms your search engine reputation and has a negative impact that is very hard to recover from.



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