Blog Introduction – Our Aim & Background

Google uses highly sophisticated text-matching techniques to evaluate, match and prioritize organic results on the basis of their relevance, quality and importance, with reference to the search query entered by the user. As a hardcore SEO Agency that provides genuine & long lasting SEO results, our aim behind creating this blog was to share our knowledge about “under the cover techniques” that popular search engines such as Google uses to rank websites, so that website owners and SEO enthusiasts can make the best use of our knowledge and also share it with others.

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A brief History of PageRank

PageRank was the first core algorithm in Google Search and is named after Larry Page (co-founder of Google). PageRank aims at estimating the importance of a webpage on the basis of number and quality of links it receives. In short it is a link analysis algorithm.

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FAQ page best practices | What is FAQ? | FAQ tips

FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions is a common page found on most websites. As the name implies it provides answers to frequently asked questions by customers, prospects and other website users.

What makes it different from other pages of your website is its tone and ability to handle common concerns. But FAQ pages are often neglected by webmasters and business owners.

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Site Speed – How and When it became a ranking signal in Google

Google always had the intuition that “speed matters” on the Internet. In June 2009 they made practical experiments and provided accurate figures demonstrating how slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds had a measurable impact on the number of searches per user of -0.2% to -0.6% (averaged over four or six weeks depending on the experiment).

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SEO activities outsourced by Local SEO companies

SEO companies from different countries often outsource their Local SEO work, either because it’s more cost effective or due to lack of in-house resources who can do the job well.

As a hardcore SEO company, we provide White Label SEO services for companies who want to outsource their SEO work.

While we prefer providing Local SEO services in the form of complete SEO packages, there are few independent Local SEO activities that can be outsourced individually.

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