Site Speed – How and When it became a ranking signal in Google

Google always had the intuition that “speed matters” on the Internet. In June 2009 they made practical experiments and provided accurate figures demonstrating how slowing down the search results page by 100 to 400 milliseconds had a measurable impact on the number of searches per user of -0.2% to -0.6% (averaged over four or six weeks depending on the experiment).

The fact that Google was going to make Site Speed a part of their ranking algorithm was reaffirmed by Matt Cutts at a PubCon 2009 conference.

And then on April 09, 2010, Google added site speed as a ranking signal. It mentioned in its official Webmaster Central Blog, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed. Site speed reflects how quickly a website responds to web requests. Google also mentioned that faster sites don’t just improve user experience; recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs.

Since then the importance of Site speed in Google’s ranking algorithms has increased many fold and the fact of the matter is that today if you want to rank high in Google, you will have to ensure that your website is lightning fast, not just for desktops but on other screens as well.

As a responsible SEO company we always take care of each and every aspect related to SEO. When providing SEO services to our clients we use cutting edge technology and a variety of tools to analyze speed of all the target pages.

If you have any queries related to site speed or how it might impact your website, please feel free to send us your query.

Even back in 2011, Speed Optimization was the first thing Matt Cutts mentioned he would have done, had he been an SEO of a large company
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