How to Keep Your Joomla Website Updated

As part of our Joomla SEO packages we are very often asked by clients to do some basic website maintenance activities as well. If you are using Joomla CMS, make sure that you keep it updated. This is one of the most important security measures which you can easily manage yourself.

Updating Joomla is easy. This method installs the new program files, deletes unneeded old program files, and updates the database as needed for the new Joomla version. Here is the step-by-step process along with images:

Step 1: Login to the Joomla Site Administrator,

Step 2: On the main top menu, hover on the Components tab,

Step 3: Click on the Joomla! Update button from the drop-down,

Step 4: If your site isn’t updated the page will provide the latest updates available. The update you’ll see will depend on the setting for Update Server and caching. The first option shows the latest update of the major release in use. The second option shows the latest update of the latest major. Keep in mind to purge your cache so that the system can detect an available update.

Step 5: Click on the “Install the Update” Button and Allow the Update to Run

Notes: Once the update has completed you may need to refresh your screen or empty your browser cache to adjust for template CSS changes.

Here are the steps recommended by Joomla before updating to a new version:

  • Back up your site before upgrading to a new version.
  • Review the release notes for the new version to be familiar with what was changed.
  • Clear your browser cache and check that the update was successful.
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