Major Benefits of Using Joomla

Joomla is an amazing Content Management System or CMS, widely used for publishing web content, building beautiful websites and developing powerful applications. Some of the main benefits of using Joomla include:

Search Engine Friendly: Joomla provides some really cool, out of the box search engine optimization features as well. These include, super light core page weight to ensure fast load time, advance caching capabilities, customizable URL structure, MicroData support and ability to define ones own Meta Data. While these features are really cool, they aren’t enough to get you to the top in Google. Joomla SEO services offered by our team will take care of everything else.

Ease of Use: In fact Joomla’s popularity is partly because it is very easy to use. It has a super friendly UI and you can easily change your site’s appearance in few clicks. Content can be easily added and edited on the fly.

Quick: Joomla’s ready to use features and ease of use makes it a super quick CMS to operate with. Which is why people of all ages feel at ease with using Joomla.


Free Forever: Joomla is created, maintained and supported by a unique Volunteer Community who believes that Joomla should be freely available to everyone, always.

Extensions: Joomla is surrounded by an extensive ecosystem of extension developers, designers and integrators who have developed thousands of verified third party extensions and high quality templates.

Flexibility: Joomla’s layout and overrides system and built in extendable functions make it super easy to create highly customizable solutions.

Multilingual: Joomla has 70 translation packs available for the core and out of the box support for multilingual content management and language associations. This really helps in creating top-class multilingual websites with Joomla.

Advance Security Features: Joomla is built around a robust codebase. It also has a dedicated Security Strike Team which uses cutting edge techniques to release patches. Joomla also has a built-in two-factor authentication and provides out of the box extensive access control levels.

Free documentation: There are tons of free documentations and training videos about Joomla which are freely available online. This makes Joomla super-easy and interesting to learn.

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