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SEO Keywords

In short, SEO Keywords are the words or phrases we target for Search Engine Optimization of a website or a webpage. But before understanding SEO Keywords completely you first need to understand what keywords are from the perspective of a search engine. When people search on Google, they use keywords to find whatever they are searching for. Keywords can be single word or a combination of several words. For example the keyword used in below image is the word "keywords".

Once Google receives the keyword user is searching for, it uses its sophisticated text-matching algorithms to find pages from its index and display them in an appropriate order, based on their importance and relevance. Therefore from a search engine’s perspective, all search queries are keywords.

Now that we understand what keywords are from a search engine’s perspective, let’s try to understand SEO keywords in detail. For example you are a company that sells coffee beans. To promote your website organically in search engines we will almost certainly have to optimize it using SEO services.

But before optimizing your website we will first select few high quality keywords using Keyword Research. These will include SEO keywords such as "buy coffee beans", "best coffee beans" etc. These keywords which we select for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization are called SEO keywords. They are the foundation keywords for which your webpage will rank.

SEO keywords are important because they are the main connecting point between your webpage and the search engine user. But there is another important aspect related to SEO Keywords. Once you are ranking on top for a main SEO keyword, you should certainly rank similarly for few related keywords as well.

Just for the purpose of explaining let's again take the above example. If your webpage ranks for the keyword "buy coffee beans" your webpage should automatically rank for keywords such as "buy cofee beans" and "buy coffee bean".

Why? Because when Google applies its sophisticated text matching algorithms, it knows which search query has intent similar to that of your primary SEO keyword. Technically once your webpage rank for the main SEO keyword it should rank similarly for related keyword/s as well.


SEO keywords are the words or phrases we target for Search Engine Optimization and they are the foundation of your SEO campaign. There are many different types of SEO keywords of which the most popular ones are Long-tail SEO keywords, Short-tail SEO keywords, Medium-tail SEO keywords, Branded SEO keywords, Geo-targeting SEO keywords, Generic SEO keywords, Buyer Intent SEO keywords and Fresh Hot Topic SEO keywords.

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