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| Best SEO Services | Small Business

What are Small Businesses?

So what exactly is a small business? How can one define and distinguish it from other forms of businesses?

You must be wondering why a Small Business SEO service provider would create a post just about "The Definition of a Small Business". In my personal experience, "Small Businesses" are very important for the SEO industry. Frankly speaking of all the clients I have ever worked for (and that's a very large number), I think almost 90% are small businesses. Though by definition of that country it might not be so. But they don't have much brand recongnition when seen on a national or an international scale, and, cannot be classified as a corporate. So to answer this question what exactly is a small business is essential for me. And therefore this post.

To sum up, there is no one-size-fit-all definition for a Small Business, which can be used consistently across the globe. While most countries don't have any definition for a Small Business, some countries that do don't have a consistent one. And that's reasonable, different countries have different sizes of economy, and one shouldn't compare apples with oranges. Having said that we still need to look at the question from different perspectives to reach a logical conclusion.

I am sharing below the information I could find about small businesses from government resources across the globe. And since that made this post too too long (which I doubt you would like to go through), I thought best to share my conclusion in the beginning itself.


So what's the logical conclusion? Small business can be defined as a form of business or company, which individually cannot have a significant impact on the overall economy. They are the most easiest to start and wind up too. Have very basic requirements from legal perspective and therefore least interference from the government. This sounds reasonable enough. Though very basic but logical.

One last perspective that needs serious thought. Can a small business become huge and still fall under the definition of a small business? This is certainly possible, but I guess that would be an exception rather than a rule.

Hope you enjoyed our post and found it informative. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.

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