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How to approach Online Marketing: A special guide for Small Business

The web is huge, we all know it. And each one of us, who owns a website, wants to grow in this global phenomenon. So as small business owners we keep our eyes open, try many things on the web, just hoping for the best to happen.

We work with programmers, designers, content writers and yes, try online marketing as well. And after sometime, most of us realize that our expectations and achievements were just not in line with each other. But by this time we have already spent a fortune.

For most small businesses, it is now that we really start analyzing our approach towards Online Marketing. Some of us try to dissect the online marketing world with a scalpel.

However the right approach to World Wide Web is not this. In essence the web provides a level playing field for almost everyone. The entry cost is too little and the marketing reach is phenomenal.

What we as small business owners need to realize, is how to make best use of this reach without spending a fortune. If you follow these simple guidelines, I can assure that you will save a lot of money and achieve a great online presence.

And if you have any questions, please comment to this post. We can help you plan and build a strong online marketing strategy.

With right approach to Online Marketing, its easy to reach the Top

Here are few points small businesses should consider before approaching online marketing:

  1. Think about the practical expectations you have from the web. For most of us, all what we need is an online presence and not online extravagance. Creating an online presence is almost free, leaving aside the server hosting and domain costs. You can use free platforms such as WordPress, which come loaded with very helpful plugins and great support from developers. You can also use freely available themes, some of which are just awesome.
  2. Analyze few competitors. This is important. Analyze and enlist what your competitors are doing. Think about the possible ways which they are using to get leads. Often times this will be related to their Search Engine Optimization, Social Media presence or a Pay Per Click campaign they are using. Watch out for any additional features there website is providing or a User Experience that is making their site look spectacular. This will help you build a strong plan and economize your spending.
  3. Post high quality content, this includes text, images and videos. Content marketing is all about pull marketing, and if your content can hook your potential customers, then you have already won half the battle.
  4. If you are really busy and planning to outsource Content writing, then please do this with caution. Hire good agencies that write interesting content, content that can really engage your potential customers. Trust me on this, just your website content can do wonders.

  5. Search engine optimization of your website. Search engines have huge potential. Google alone receives at least 3 billion searches each day. Imagine if you could drive this kind of traffic to your website, this can be huge. Essentially the main activities that power SEO are Great Content and Quality Back-links. Of course, you need to ensure that your website is crawlable and doesn’t have any major issues.
  6. Further, have a keyword oriented approach towards your web pages and towards new content that you are adding. Make small on page changes such as Title, Alt, Description, Heading and URL. Alternatively you can also use our specialized SEO Services, and we will do everything for you.

  7. Use Social Media Platforms like Facebook and Twitter to market your content and build relationships with people. Use #hashtags to help people find your posts and tweets. In Facebook you can also use Facebook Groups to reach out to a wider audience in a specific niche. But remember to be very regular on your social media platforms. Pages that are not updated in a long time leave a bad impact on potential customers.
  8. For me, this one is my mantra. Start slow and grow as you learn. Don’t overspend. Web is huge and so are the marketing options available. It is always better to gain some real time knowledge before spending. Most of the tools you will need are freely available. At this stage you should explore and read a lot about the marketing options that interest you.
  9. Keep your Analytics intact. Again this is very important. Free Analytics software such as Google Analytics can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. You can track exact sources, quantity, platforms, locations and many other useful insights about the incoming traffic. In addition you can also track Impressions and Goal Conversions coming in from Google.

Hope you enjoyed our post and found it informative. Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us. We would love to hear from you.

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