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Mission Statement
We are SEO & Backlink Specialists, providing expert SEO services to more than 150 countries. We help clients achieve great search engine presence, organically through White-hat and Content-driven SEO strategies. Our comprehensive SEO Packages start from USD 150 per month and include Content Writing & Social Media costs.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an advanced form of online marketing. In a nutshell, SEO is the process of optimizing a website, in order to improve its organic rankings and in the process making it more useful for search engine users. When ranking a website, search engines use sophisticated text matching algorithms to evaluate, match and prioritize organic results on the basis of their relevance, quality and importance, with reference to the search query entered by the user.

Be that an e-commerce or a corporate website, all website owners need the right traffic and search engines are a great source of high quality organic traffic. A good search engine presence will not just generate unexpected business growth but boost your online reputation as well.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

There are 2 main forms of SEM: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay Per Click (PPC). While PPC is purely paid advertising where you pay for every click from the search engine to your website, the goal of SEO is to organically improve the search engine rankings of a website in order to enhance its organic search engine presence, for keywords which a regular search engine user would use to find the products, services or information offered by the website. As opposed to PPC, results from SEO are long lasting and much more cost effective. When compared with PPC, SEO results keep adding up over time. Which means that as a website's organic search engine presence grows, its average ROI will also improve. While there are many factors that impact the ranking of a website, they are widely divided into two broad categories, on-page and off-page SEO factors.

Best SEO Results, through Comprehensive and Strategic SEO solutions

  Content Writing & Social Media Optimization integrated in all SEO packages

  Content-driven SEO strategies that ensure best optimization & long lasting SEO results

  Top rankings across all major Search Engines

  SEO plans that support all devices, so your website ranks high in Mobiles as well as Desktops

  Honest, Hard-working & Dedicated team of top SEO experts

  High-class content written by top-notch web content writers

  Affordable SEO Packages suitable for every budget

  Back-link strategy created by the best team of SEO experts

  Perfect On-page optimization and Competitor analysis

  Comprehensive reports and 24X7 support

We design SEO strategies using a systematic approach after in-depth competitor analysis. We augment the process of natural link building by creating high-class content and promoting it through a vast array of online networks.

We have done extensive research on Search Engine patents assigned to Google. Our primary target is to improve the impact of our clients' website on important search engine algorithms, all done in a manner which is Google friendly.

Our SEO strategy targets core Google Algorithms related to PageRank, Link & Content analysis, Data Filtering, Latent Semantic Index, Content grouping & clustering, Location targeting, Topic & Category analysis, Keyword Prominence & Occurrence, Penguin, Panda, RankBrain and HummingBird, and other important search engine algorithms related to Indexing, Content Relevance, Artificial Intelligence, Ranking & Scoring of a webpage or website.

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